Tuesday, day 22..

Double two’s, the address of the family home during most of my childhood. I drive up the street when I am back in town.  Always curious at what the house looks like now. I wish I was brave enough to knock on the door and ask for a short tour.  What is funny (at least to me) is how this blog took off tonight, just based on the blog day number.  My sister’s step son is looking to be a PA. She asked me for some college tour tips. I guess I have been on a few college tours… I was going to suggest the school where DS2 goes in Scranton.  The school would be about halfway between both parents. I went to the US News college website. They are ranked 112 or so.  Not exactly at the top of the list. A good school, maybe they are not know for their PA program. They have a new facility and a great community outreach, so maybe they might move up in the future. The program looks like six years, if I am reading it right. You need an undergraduate degree then 27 months of classes and clinical time.  Almost doctor time, I guess.

Things here at home are quiet. DS2 is back at the shoe store tonight. He said last night he was giving his two weeks notice. I tried to suggest waiting a few more days. He was adamant (in a nice, DS3 way) about being done with that job. So be it I said, be civil and don’t burn any bridges. The dog job is going well. He comes home each night with stories about the dogs and cats that he interacted with that day.  He has certainly grown up some since graduation. I think he is ready for the jump to college. I have a new countdown widget on my phone, 39 days to Scranton move in. I guess that means 40 days to empty nest..  Or something like that.  It will certainly be strange.  I found some floppy disks with pictures from 1997!  No old hard drives yet, but I have not given up hope.  Maybe it’s time to throw some of the 2000 – 2005 technology parts that I am saving away.

That’s it for tonight, enough rambling. tonight’s picture is of DW taken Sunday at the Heartland Brewery in NYC


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