Monday, day 21..

Lucky 21, isn’t that what they say?  Better that three sixes for sure. Today was an unscheduled work from home day.  As you read yesterday, we were in NYC for a concert.  We got home 2:15 am and did not fall asleep until after 3 am. So, with work starting at 8:30 am, I had two choices, work from home, or call in sick. I guess there was always the third choice, get up and go to work (don’t be silly). I figured I would save the sick day in case I really need it (wink). Nice thing about working from home, you can literally roll out of bed and be at work.  Down side is if you don’t have the discipline to actually work from home. I work with both types.  I got my work done, enough said.

Yesterday’s concert and trip were an interesting refresher on life in the big city.  We both grew up 25 minutes from NYC, and I at least, would go there several times a year. Ride the bus, take the Path train, never drive. We did not have the money for parking.  Parking would cut into our “fun” money. Having moved 100 miles south of NYC, we don’t get there very often. You lose your “city armor” which keeps you protected and allows you to move instinctively from one place in the city to the next. For this trip I had to do web research to determine train and subway times, street locations and other information that was second nature when I was 20 years old. So, since I was a tourist for the day, here are some tourist observations. If you work in NYC, these will be just your everyday occurrences.

  • Mass transit is heavily used in the city. Not one train or subway was empty. The busses we saw were packed.
  • There are lots of oriental tourists in the area around the Empire State building, most don’t speak english
  • One self storage company had the two best subway advertisements. One was about the rapture that did not happen the other advertisement was about the recent law allowing gay marriages in NY. Both caught your eye and made you read it a second time. Then you looked to see who would create an advertisement like that. Just exactly what they were trying to do.
  • The NJ Transit tracks between Pt Pleasant Beach and NYC go through some quite industrially blighted area. There must have been dozens of seeming abandoned factories.
  • Central Park is very nice in the summer time. There were people everywhere.  Even after the show was over there were groups of people just sitting on the grass in the dark. And not near the venue, just in the park.
  • Most of the people at the concert were nice and easy-going, there were those few “New Yorkers” that tried to upset the apple cart. If you live in NJ you see them on the GSP in the summertime. If you are from NY, please try to be safe on the GSP and spend your money, then go home. Thanks.
  • The young kid in Penn Station, NYC, who thought I would give him my cell phone to make a call must have thought he saw my tourist stamp on my forehead, not!  Dude, give me a break.
  • To the guy screaming at traffic while standing in the middle of the intersection (and somehow not getting run over by cars he was screaming at), keep up the good work. It’s nice to see that the crazy people still gravitate to the city. It was like that when I was younger, still seems that way.

There came a late email about lacrosse tonight. I am still hurting from the late night. And, my (use a word here that can’t be spoken on network tv) cold  is trying to make a comeback. Not on my watch.  So, I took the night off. I will watch a dvr of a Saturday night lacrosse game that I have not seen yet. I know the outcome, but the game should be good anyway.

The picture of the day is of the Barnegat Lighthouse. The lighthouse is found in Barnegat Light, NJ  (Google it!)



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