Sunday post mobile from NYC..


Greetings from the Big Apple. We are in NYC Penn Station waiting for the train to Pt Pleasant Beach.  I am sitting on the marble floor with my phone plugged in.  The Pink Martini concert was excellent!  We had our blanket space about 20 feet from the stage in the center.  The band haad several guests singing with them. One was a female impersonator. More than a little odd!  Entertaining for one song.
The journey so far has been right to the script we wrote, using the internet for direction, times and such.  Lunch was at the Heartland Brewery, located street level in the Empire State Building.  We did not go to the top, the trip to the top costs 21 dollars and we were not sure of our travel times.  And not willing to spend 42 dollars to go to the top.
Weather in NYC was hot, maybe it got to 90. I will have to ask my brother the weather man. Hydration was important, but two dollar waters and eight dollar beers will discourage consumption.  It is a good thing we brought water with us.
The train home gets into the station at 1:18 am home around 2 am. Kids are all home. Hopefully the a/c is on.
Picture of the day is our view of the stage prior to the show starting.  I ustreamed a few songs.  Go to search for lime guy presents (my channel) hopefully a few songs from tonight made it there.

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