Saturday blog goes mobile…


Slow day Saturday.  Got out of bed 10 am, yea I know. Breakfast, chores, more file archiving. I found ten hard drives in the basement. I still have not gotten older the 2000. I will have to look harder.  DS3 worked 8 a to 7 pm at the five-star dog hotel.  You can request that your dog only gets filtered water, extra cost. Or you can book your pooch into A VIP suite.
COSTCO at lunch time. Somebody is paying for people to count cars at the local highway intersections.   Oh, that is our tax dollars at work. Dinner was steak, potatoes and corn on the grill. I never made corn that way before. Thank God for the internet, you can find out how to do anything. 
Blogging from the back porch via my cell.  Laptop is two plus hours left on a file copy.  Jimmy Buffett live on Radio Margarittavile from Toronto, Canada.  Some good red wine and hopefully not many of your favorite neighborhood mosquitoes.
Sunday’s blog will be mobile as well. We are taking the train to NYC to see Pink Martini on the center stage in Central Park. Pink Martini is an eclectic music group that we first heard on Radio MARGARITAVILLE.   I guess we will see if we are as flexible at this age as we were as kids. 
Tonight’s picture is from my chair enjoying the evening.  Enjoy