Friday, day 18..

I played lacrosse last night with some of the Robbinsville guys and some other players from the Freehold area. Beautiful, brand new turf field. We played from 8 pm to 9:30 pm under the lights.  There were only two down sides to the night. One was that we were short-handed and only could play across the field instead of the full field. The other was when I went to double an opposing player (means to double team the man with the ball in hopes of dislodging the ball and causing a turn over of possession), the defensive player did not see me and swung his stick horizontally to try to check the stick of the offensive player. The offensive player stepped out-of-the-way and my stomach took the full force of the blow. Ouch was called! I have quite the bruise on my stomach today.  And the most interesting part of the night (not the most painful part of the night) was that I played with a short stick instead of my long defensive stick. There were lots of defensive players and not so many offensive players, so made the switch for the night. It was fun.

One of this week’s projects is to get all the picture cd’s, and various hard drives floating around the house and transfer from them anything valuable to the external hard drives in the house. It has been quite a trip down memory lane.  The current hard drive contains 2004, 2005 and 2006. I have about ten floppy’s that need a drive to read them. None of my computers at home has a floppy drive. My work machine does, so I will see what is on them next week. 

Friday is my work from home day. This allows me to save the gas money driving to and from work and avoid the Friday shore-bound traffic.  DS2 went to the new Harry Potter movie at midnight last night. He saw the movie with some of his high school friends.  One of the kids was dressed as Harry Potter. I asked for a movie review without spoiling the show for anybody interested in going to the movie.  He really was not interested in writing one. The short cell phone text reviews are that the movie was good, go see it. True to the book. You don’t need to be a Harry Potter fan to enjoy the movie but it sure would help.

DS3 is at the bed and biscuit, working the evening shift. Should be interesting to see how the evening shift is different from the early morning shift.  He was disappointed last night when he found out that the Thursday night lacrosse league is 32 and over. With the short numbers, he will get to play next week unless he is working.  The league organizer said that we could bring high school or college players for now so that we might be able to field two full teams.

 That is it for the night, picture of the day is from 2000 when we went to St. Thomas. In this picture DS1 is doing the limbo. Not the best picture. He would have been 12 at the time.