Thursday, day 17..

Nice and cool this morning. 65 degrees at 7 am. Off went the a/c, up went the windows, in came the fresh, cool breeze.  DS3 started his new job today at Lucky’s Bed and Biscuit. He worked the 6 am to 10 am shift. They told him yesterday that he would be working with the “big dogs” today. They get to swim in the pool first. He texted around 10:15 to say that the time went fast.  He is looking forward to tomorrow when he works 4pm to 10pm.  Saturday he works 8 am to 5 pm. In three days he will get to see the whole work day.  He/we are waiting for a few days to see if the job will be full-time or part-time.  Then he can decide on the shoe store job.

Tonight I am going to play lacrosse with a new men’s league in Manalapan. We play outdoors under the lights. They played last week, kinda short-handed since it was the first week.  It will be nice that the temps are down for this week.  The usual Monday lacrosse league is done until September since the facility where we play is undergoing renovations for the rest of the summer. That and the death of one of the organizers.

DS2 is looking to spend next summer studying music therapy abroad.  He is researching various schools and countries. The current country of choice is Australia. Last week it was Israel until the school informed him that he could not study in Israel under the Marywood University study abroad program. The country is a “watch list” from the US government.  I keep suggesting Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland since he visited these countries with the American Music Abroad program while still in high school. He told me he had been to these countries before, so why go.  I explained that visiting for two or three days is quite different from living in the culture for six weeks.  We’ll see.  Money, as always, will be a determining factor I’m sure.

That should be it for the day, lacrosse tonight will run late. Picture of the day is from January 2009’s visit to Key West, Florida. The picture speaks for itself