Tuesday, day 15..

I went to wake last night and a lacrosse game broke out.  As you may have read in previous posts, one of the guys that started and ran the lacrosse league where I play on Monday nights died in his sleep at 36 years old. The future of the league is uncertain.  The funeral is Wednesday in Orangeville, Ontario. Last night, being Monday night, and at the request of the brother of the guy who died, we all met at our usual time and place.  It was interesting to see how many guys that have not played in a while came out to celebrate Ryan’s life. There was a speech before the game. Some spirited play and then after about an hour the old guys (over 30 or so) stopped playing to have a beer in his honor. The high school and college kids played without us for another 30 minutes. It was good for all of us to get together and share our “Ryan Sanderson” stories and how he had impacted our lives. Just like a wake, just with a lacrosse field. Not bad.

Picture of the day is of the field where we play lacrosse .  More blog stuff later on today








So, it’s later. Busy afternoon at work, actually a little overwhelming. Time for a better plan. Dinner with DW, DS1 and DS3. DS1 ate and then tried to bolt the table after eating, again.  Not like he is 12 years old.  I kinda got in his face about acting like an adult and not a small child.  Not happy with me for sure.  It’s tough being a parent.  DS3 went on a job interview at Lucky’s Bed and Biscuit. He has been trying to get his foot in the door for 4 weeks. He has a second interview tomorrow afternoon. August 27 school starts.  It almost does not make sense at this point. But the interview practice is good for him. It was another HHH day in NJ.  A/C  all the way. I watered the garden and the lawn. I’m glad we have a well for the lawn so we don’t have to pay the town to keep things growing. When we bought the house it was well and septic. Now civilization has found us and we have the privilege of paying for both! Progress.

I spent 1.5 hours working on a loan application for DS2 for the 2011 – 2012 year. He should be good to go. DS3’s school will be sending bills next week. DS1, no real idea.  It will probably be another year where everything has to happen at the last-minute. That was part of tonight’s discussions.  At the orientation(DS3), the VP of Student Affairs was giving his talk.  He was asking about the audience’s college age children. First one going away, last one going away..  He says to the parents that raised their hands about this being the last child to go away “Now what will you do that the last child has gone away to school” My reply to DW (and maybe too loudly) was “Lock the door!”  The lady behind my patted my shoulder and said, “Good answer!”   Said with all the love in my heart.  🙂