Sunday, day (lucky) 13…

This blog seems to focus on sleep (or lack of) and food. So in that tradition, here we go. I got my best night’s sleep in week last night. I better have, my eyes were starting to look like some of the zombie movies I’ve seen.  I was only up once for an hour and slept the rest. Good deal. Food, dinner tonight is filet mignon shish kabobs with potatoes served with a mint chimichurri sauce. Cajun shrimp,  shrimp cocktail, fresh mozzarella, macaroni-cucumber- tuna salad and a nice Malbec.  Spent two hours in the kitchen, made muffins for the week, shrimp cocktail, prepped everything, made macaroni and tuna salad. I cooked eight burgers on the grill for the tres caballeros to eat during the week for lunch.  Now time for a Coors Lite (or two) so I can re-hydrate from working the hot stove.

Funeral arraignments for the guy that started and ran our league are set. I wish I could go to Orangeville, Ontario and pay my respects, but money and time do not permit. There will be a local memorial service, I will make that.  It appears that for now, the show must go on. Our league is still on to play tomorrow night. Not sure if I will go, probably should. The mood will be somber to say the least. It might be the best tribute to someone who played the game and enjoyed life to celebrate by playing.

All three children went to work today, that is good. Car insurance is due July 15, and EVERYBODY gets to pay! Yea! Now all I have to do is collect.  Around the house news… DS2 lost his cell phone for two or three days. He had basically given up on finding it. I searched the usual and unusual spots in the house. No joy. He came home from work and I said “Let’s look in your car”  He replies “It’s not in there, for sure” SO I say “Humor me”.  You know the outcome, I found the phone under the passenger seat, first place I looked. He did say thank you.  Now he can’t buy an iPhone.. On the garden front, I picked a dozen cucumbers and three cherry tomatoes.  DW made dill and bread/butter pickles today. They will be done by the end of the month.

The week ahead, not much – just work. DS3 has a goupon to go sky diving.  It was a graduation present from his parents. We will use this on July 16. Me, too old, too fat for that groupon. Maybe one day I can fix one of those problems.  (Another Coors Lite, please. I’m hydrating). DW and I have a groupon to go for a three-hour tour (three-hour sail) on Barnegat Bay. I will call the boat this week and see how scheduling works.  It should be fine, sunset, bottle of wine, best girl, somebody else driving the boat (priceless!).

Today’s picture comes from January 21, 2004. This is an extended family picture.  The family members that see this will get a kick out it.

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  1. Christina
    Jul 11, 2011 @ 04:27:36

    I remember that day! Thanks!


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