Wednesday, day nine..

Middle of the week for most, for me, last work day of the week.  Off to Scranton for University of Scranton freshmen orientation. Check in starts at 8 am, program starts at 9:30 am.  That is a lot of time to sit around and wait. Getting on the road 5 am to beat the northbound Garden State Parkway commuters. Hopefully we will get a parking space at the U.  If you have ever been around that part of Scranton, parking is at a premium. Orientation ends Friday afternoon, we will stay Friday night and travel early Saturday morning to beat the southbound shore traffic.  Will you be in Scranton Friday night, email me!

The joy of the week so far has been the 4.77 ea purchase of sprinklers for my garden.  Now I can turn the water on and come back in 30 minutes and the vegetables are good and watered.  Simple enough that one of my children could do it while I am away. (Good luck with that).  Picking more cucumbers tonight. Also romaine lettuce to go with dinner. We had a zucchini the other night, cooked in frying pan with garlic, soy sauce and Cajun seasoning.

Picture of the day goes back to 2009 before DS1 was the famous person that he is. Now days, getting a picture with him is hard to do. Here is with another sorta famous American in NYC







After dinner random thoughts, blame the Malbec:

1. Why does everybody have to slow down and watch two guys put gas in their truck on the parkway, not the least bit fascinating.

2. Why do two people run out of gas during the same commute (not me!). Sometime it seems that you see cars broken down on the side of the road, mile after mile. Then you won’t see any for months. Weather, karma?

3. Why does Verizon think that getting rid of unlimited data plans will encourage consumers to jump ship from ATT? I would not.  This takes us back to the days where our kids had a limit on their texts and each month we dreaded the cell phone bill in case one of the kids was “text happy”.

4. I finished reading Tom Clancy’s Against all enemies, good, way to technical beginning, good finish. Classic Clancy.

5. Blog will be mobile for the next two days.  Should prove interesting.

6. Jimmy Buffett said “Maybe I could write a whole  page a day”  A challenge to me. Get that book started today!

Good night all, see you in Scranton (NEPA)