Tuesday, day eight…

Clearly the suits had not thought this big move through, maybe they did not think about  this one at all. It seems like all they did was move the boxes from one building to another, never opening them. But, they damn sure better not lose a box. Made you wonder what was in the boxes..

Tuesday after the Fourth of July, extra traffic this morning.  People trying to grab another night down the shore before heading back north to their jobs.  Just moving the boxes, not knowing why. DS1 returns tonight after five days away with his girl friend and her family. DS2’s college bills for 2011/2012 are now available on-line.  Looks about like last year, at least the costs did not go crazy from one year to the next. DS2 was working at the deli today and tweeted that there was a bird in the store. Might be tomorrow’s chicken tenders! DS3 was up early, went down to the high school to work out with the football team.  We encouraged him to start getting in shape for the ROTC in the fall. The ROTC will be participating in the Susan G Komen  5k run for the cure in September then by December the students will be participating in a 10 mile run somewhere. He is working at the shoe store this evening.

DW has my cold, yuck.  She pulled some ivy plants up in the yard on Friday and now has welts on her arms, again. She was not sure what was the cause earlier in the year, I think we now know. Me, maybe getting better, not coughing as much. I rightly hold the title King of! Yuck it is. Watched Capital Fourth last night. Steve Martin was playing his banjo with a bluegrass band. Pretty strange. The music was good, but Steve Martin?  He threw in a few jokes as well.

Tonight, not much, water the garden, pick some cucumbers.

Picture of the day is… From our last Senior Parents night for high school lacrosse

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