Monday, day seven..

Let out a little more anchor line, the captain urged his first mate. The first mate looked around while the line slowly slid through his wizened hands.  The bay they were anchoring in for the night was absolutely beautiful.  Snug it off!, the captain’s voice shattered his enjoyment of the view.

 Another day of A/C here in South Jersey. It was off for a few hours last night and this morning.  DS2 and DS3 both worked today. DW and I are off for the Fourth of July.  We will probably watch the Fourth of July show from Washington, DC on the tv then hop around the channels and catch the end of NYC or Boston.  I like the fireworks, not big on bugs and crowds/traffic. I must be getting old. But, we’ll crank up the surround sound and shake the paintings tonight.

Second day in a row waking up coughing at 5:30 am. I banished myself to the living room chair so I would not drive my DW too crazy. I was too early to drive her crazy. I’ll save that for later in the day.  It looks like she might be catching the same cold.  Eggs Benedict for breakfast (I have a cold and a cough, I’m not dead). That sure was a nice treat.  Coffee comes from New Orleans Coffee Exchange  I recommend them to anybody that will listen.  When we  were in New Orleans two years ago we took a tour of their business.  We watched them roast the coffee then grind the beans into coffee for your coffee maker.  They were very nice to us and whenever I call, I just have to say who I am and that I am from New Jersey and you can hear the smile in their voice as we do business.

I worked in the garden, pulled weeds, tied up tomato plants and picked about a dozen cucumbers. We will eat some and give most away either at work or to neighbors.  We will start making bread and butter and kosher dill pickles next week.  We just finishing the pickles we made last August.  They still are really good.  Dinner is beer can chicken. Basic recipe is drink half the can of beer, clean and season the chicken. Turn on the grill on one side.  Stuff the half empty beer can in the chicken and place on the non lit burner side, using the legs and the beer can like a tripod. Cook 1.25 hrs or to temperature.   The picture below shows the completed prep work.

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  1. Megan
    Jul 04, 2011 @ 23:32:58

    Cool brother I always wondered how to do the beer can chicken and all. Sorry the cold still there..we golfed then I made chicken cacciatore for dinner now yankee watching. We will enjoy the fireworks for 20+ towns from the comfort of our deck, life is good! Feel better ok?


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