Sunday, day six..

With the thunder heads building off in the distance, the captain had leveled the boat off at a fast trolling speed.  Perfect for White Marlin.  I looked the faces of my fellow fishermen, all smiles and joy,  full of anticipation. Eight lines were trailing the boat, various lures, various baits, which would produce a strike first.  I read books, analyzing the opening lines, trying to figure out how or why those words were written,  They are the hook to get you to read the book.

Slow morning here in South Jersey. First point of business, my DW has informed me that the children are being wrongly refered to in my blog. In the cyber world they should be refered to as DS1, DS2 and DS3. Some days their actions or lack of actions would have them called something else.  So DS they will be.

DS2 is at the deli on LBI, early shift. DW is working, she is on call this weekend. Light thunderstorm this morning, might still have to water the garden. I have been fighting a chest cold for the last week, still fighting.  King crab last night was awesome, corn was good. Never got to the clams.  Maybe tonight.

DS3 is getting ready for college orientation July 7 and July 8 at the University of Scranton. It will be a short work week with Monday off for the Fourth and Thursday/Friday off for orientation.  He was involved with the Air Force JR ROTC in high school for four years.  He led the drill team for two years and the corps for his senior year.  Scranton has a very strong ROTC program. That and chemistry are the reasons for going. Makes him the third generation family member to attend the U. Here is a picture of him with his air soft weapon. He was after me for three years to buy this. Hopefully I won’t regret allowing it.

The beer box was one of many targets Friday night. 

More this evening,

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  1. Megan
    Jul 03, 2011 @ 14:30:42

    well many comments some I will post..I will google what an airsoft weapon is. neighborhood cats and dogs be on notice Ds1,2, 3 correct king crabs was Good? Nice what will you do with the clams? I like to throw them on the grill a delight. Good for Sean going to the family Scranton U a legacy for sure. DH humgover, he said he did not realize the mudslide mix already had stuff in it…..and BTW what is a beer box? Good luck with the chest cold be careful and rest ok? Chix soup maybe


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