Friday, day four…

Crack, boom. Wow, that was loud, here comes the rain. He looks over at the women sleeping next to him and wonders if she will get up and close the windows before he does…  Another opening to the great american novel.

Crazy busy this morning at work.  Ct., Md and DC all made changes to their liquor sales tax.  DC decided last night to change theirs. The other two states at least gave their retailers some advance warning. Lunch time, Stafford Diner.  Today is my second WFH day this week.  This post is via the android app.  Slower than typing on the laptop. (duh!)

Back home after lunch. Roast beef club with french fries.  Was good enough. Saved half for YC, one of his favorites. YC and MC are working, both will be home for dinner. OC is on the train to Greensburg to see his girlfriend. Lots of old (older than me) people in the dinner, I think it is too early for the early bird special. Fourth of July weekend is upon us.  That means that North Jersey, New York City and Philadelphia descend on our shore area and raise a ruckus for four days. Just hold on and smile!   No big plans for the weekend, how about you!  Maybe you will be part of the thundering horde.  Just be nice to each other out there on the roads this weekend.  And yes, the person next to you is a WORSE driver than you.. LOl