Saturday mobile from Annapolis, Md


We are sitting in a restaurant waiting for our fresh mussel appetizer in downtown Annapolis. Short post tonight since I am not adding to the conversation while I type on my rapidly dying cell phone.  The drive this morning was easy.  We walked around the town and took a tour of the Naval Academy. Concert last night was great. Pictures is of the muscles..

Friday, day thirty-two (I survived a month!)

Well, to the naysayers (there was only one that actually articulated their opinion), I lasted a month blogging everyday. Only eleven more months to go! So far I have looked forward to writing “a page a day”  Maybe this winter when there is snow on the ground, I will go back and read about the summer. It should jog my short-term memory. It was hot again today (note to winter, freezing self), not as hot as last weekend, but smack you in the face humidity for sure. I worked from home today so I was able to hide indoors. My only excursion outside was to turn on the sprinklers to water the garden.

Tonight, DS2, his epic beard and I are going to the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City. We have tickets to see a band called the Decemberists. I heard about them in a Groupon mailing earlier in the week. I don’t know any of their songs. That’s not really accurate. At lunch today I asked him if I would like the music. What band are they like? He thought, then told me the name of a band. Oh, I’ve never heard of them either.  “Um” he says.  Then he played one of the songs off the most recent album for me. So, I have heard one song. It should be a fun boys night out.  Maybe we’ll drop twenty dollars in a slot machine.  Maybe not.

I had company for breakfast today. Since I was working from home I made cheese omelets and pork roll. All three of the children were home this morning. DS1 was hung over from his birthday celebration. He has Friday and Saturday off each week. DS2 is off today. DS3 is working the noon to close shift. He was sitting at the table looking sleepy around 11 am and I said to him that he looked sleepy.  His reply was that he has a full-time job!  My response is that I have had one for thirty years. His response was that I look sleepy too!  Hmmm. I wonder what I would look like if I was not working full-time?  I’ve always said that my job interfered with my personal life.  Now I know it is!

I played lacrosse last night in Manalpan. We play on Thursday nights from eight pm to nine thirty pm (or later). If you are reading this and interested, just reply. We are always looking for new players. Last night at least six of the players from last week had other commitments so we were short-handed again. This time we had two goalies!  It was fun to shoot at a real person as opposed to a plastic man shaped covering that made you aim for the holes to score. I played attack for most of the night since we’re had an uneven number of defensive players.

Off to Atlantic City, I will leave you with this picture from June 2011. Here is DS3 posing after receiving his diploma. If you have ever seen Three Sheets (tv show) then you will understand the pose.  Enjoy.

Thursday, day thirty one (Thirsty Thursday)

They used to call it Thirsty Thursday and Hawaiian Shirt Gonzo Friday. Now who knows what they call the days of the week other than their names. Those names date back to the Roman times when they named the days after the seven planets (I guess that was all they knew about). It’s a good thing that they did not know about Pluto. We would have had to get rid of a day of the week (or rename) when they drummed Pluto out of the planet club.  Pure nonsense for sure.  Tropical Storm Don is approaching South Texas (nice segway, eh?) It looks like those people will finally get some rain.  Winds are only 45 mph so damage should be slight to none. The real damage will be when the oil speculators use this silly storm as an excuse to push gasoline prices up ten or fifteen cents.

On to happier things, one of the men who plays on our OWU (Ohio Wesleyan University) mens lacrosse team was featured in an article in the premier lacrosse magazine in the United States. For you non-lacrosse people out there, that magazine would be Inside Lacrosse.  The article speaks about how the lacrosse players from the sixtys and seventies have gone out into the world and started lacrosse clubs and teams all across the country.  The man mentioned in the article is 68 years old. He plays two tournaments a year with us. The team is made up of about fifty percent OWU alumni and fifty percent people who know a OWU alumni. I fall in the second group. Two years ago our team of forty-five year old and older men, captured the title in our division. Last year we made it to the final game for the second year in a row. We lost in the title game.  This coming Thursday through Sunday the OWU alumni team will be back in action in Lake Placid trying to get back to the final game for a third year in a row. This year the division we play in has expanded from 10 teams to 16 teams.  So the competition will be even more fierce.   Here is link to download the .pdf scan of the article.

That is it for today.  Tonight will be a late night.  The picture of the day is from October 2010. In this picture DS1 is covering a player that is off camera.  Oh, today the young lad turns Twenty Three!.. Happy Birthday Mark!



Wednesday, day 30..

So, a new look today for the blog.  I keep getting emails from Word Press about different themes. So, bored this evening, I decided to look around a little more in the blog dashboard. They give you a random sampling of the available themes.  Some themes cost 75.00!  Yikes, way to expensive for me. I will try this one out for a week or two.  I promise I won’t have a different theme everyday, that would be too confusing.

Tomorrow, DS1 will be 23 years old!.  Hard to belive. I can still remember the day he was born.  We will celebrate Sunday night.  Tomorrow night is lacrosse after work. I leave in the morning and don’t get home until 11 pm. He will work until six or seven. DS2 is working, not sure the hours. DS3 is working at the bark and biscuit until 9:30 pm. It looks like the DW might be eating dinner alone tomorrow night.  Sounds like a cereal for dinner night for her.  So, what do you get your 23-year-old son for his birthday? In the old days, it was easy. Whatever the most popular video or computer game was. Or the latest lacrosse gear, stick, gloves, helmet or shirt. Now, the relationship has changed, he is an adult. So, we settled on a 750 of Patron Silver, a card, a cake and some debt forgiveness.  And his favorite dinner, whatever that might be.  I have until Sunday to get that taken care of.

I may be going to a concert Friday night with DS2. I got a Groupon trying to sell tickets to see a group called the Decemberists. I sent the email to DS2, he said, I never heard of them. I said, me neither. The description of the musical style sounded like it would appeal to him. We kicked it around for two days, and if you know anything about Groupons, the offer expires.  I did find cheaper seats on Stub Hub. I will discuss this with him after I’m done blogging tonight. The show is at something called the event center at the Borgata in Atlantic City.  That should be a real joy of a drive on a Friday evening in the summer. Leave early and sit in traffic.  The culturing would be good for me.

Saturday DW and I are going to Annapolis for an overnight stay. We have tickets to see the Chesapeake Bayhawks vs. the Hamilton Nationals (Major League Lacrosse). The game will be played at the Marine Corps. Memorial Stadium.  We watch the games on tv each week and decided to go see one in person.  It will be hot, but it should be fun. The hotel is a half mile from the stadium, so that should work out just fine. So, a busy end to the week.

Today’s picture is from November, 2006. DS1 received a partial athletic scholarship from Wheeling Jesuit University to play lacrosse. In this picture he is signing his National Letter of Intent. This is a binding contract between the high school athlete and the university. Behind us is the high school athletic director (L) and the high school lacrosse coach (R). This was and still is, a very proud day for us.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, day 29..

Todays post starts off with five nautical terms that you may have never heard of or you may have heard of but don’t know the correct meanings to. I researched them to make sure I had the correct. meanings. What, you ask, could have prompted this school of thought? Well, now that you asked, (you did ask, right?) there was a Jeep SUV traveling north on the GSP with a kayak tied to the roof. The painter was swinging in the breeze.  There actually were about five different vehicles with kayaks on the roof this morning. I almost felt like I was back in Lake Placid, NY where it seems EVERYBODY has a kyack on the roof of their vehicle. Go visit, you will see what I mean. Nod to Wikipedia for the research help.

  1. Painter – A  painter is a rope that is attached to the bow of a boat and used for tying the boat up
  2. Balls to four watch – The 0000-0400 watch. (US Navy)
  3. Bight – An indentation in a coastline.
  4. Footloose – If the foot of a sail is not secured properly, it is footloose, blowing around in the wind.
  5. Scuttlebutt – A barrel with a hole in used to hold water that sailors would drink from. By extension (in modern naval usage), a shipboard drinking fountain or water cooler.

I spent the evening working in the garden. It was not any cooler than the weekend, temperature was 90 degrees. Humidity was down, so we were able to work outside. We, umm, yes, I did have the most unusual help. DS1 was away visiting his girlfriend for about 40 hours (young love) and Ds3 was working at the bark and biscuit. That left my “indoor child” the musician, to help me, outdoors.  The job of the day was re-staking the tomatoes. About a month ago I bought plastic, crappy (not really cheap) garden stakes. When you hammer them in, they bend and break, how odd.  They were not made for what I wanted them to do. But, I used them anyway. I pushed them carefully into the ground so they would not break.

All was well and good until the plants grew to five or six feet tall and became full of ripening tomatoes. Then the wind blew (not very hard) and the crappy stakes and the tomato plants flopped over onto each other and the ground. Quite the mess. I looked at that mess for a week while hiding indoors from the heat. After dinner DW and I went to Home Depot and bought 20 pcs of 1 x 3 x 8 foot boards. We got the boards home and then  DS2 got a crash course in how to use an electric skill saw. His job, cut 18 inches off one end, then make a point out of either end.

I gave him a pencil to draw lines with and suggested that if he put it behind his ear, he would look like he was in charge. He said, I have a better idea. He stuck the pencil in his bushy beard!  He did great cutting the wood. He cleaned up his mess and did not complain.  I don’t think either of his brothers could have done any better. Best part, he still has all the fingers that he started with!

So, today’s picture is of DS2 cutting wood in the backyard with his pencil stuck in his beard!  Enjoy, I certainly did.





Monday, day 28..

Back to work Monday, here in New Jersey. There was residual northbound traffic this morning. Those hardy souls that try to squeeze one more night out of their weekend at the Jersey shore. There is lacrosse tonight in Robbinsville. There should be lots of college kids, hopefully not to many. I am looking forward to burning off a few calories. The heat is starting to subside on the east coast.  The a/c is still on at home. I remember the old days (here goes the old man with his stories) when we had only one window air conditioner and we used to hang a sheet in the hall way so the kid’s bedroom and our bedroom could both be cool. Now, big time convenience, central air. I think the kids might appreciate the a/c now having lived without it when they were younger. Or, that is the story I am going to tell myself.

DS1 and DS3 went to work. DS2 had the day off. He went to his sixth guitar lesson of the summer this morning. He will be taking guitar lessons at college in the fall. For his Music Therapy major his has to be proficient in voice, piano and guitar. I’m still waiting for that first song. You know, like Mary had a little lamb. Then he (I guess through Facebook) connected with some college friends and went to Seaside for the day.  It’s good to see him get out of the cellar and be social. And DS2, if you read this, this is my parenting hat speaking.  Love ya’.

My email to Radio Margarittaville was read at 2:06 today. I recorded that and the next song. If you are interested, here is a link to the wave file  If you click, it should open your wave music player and automatically play.  I hope it works for you.

Picture of the day comes from DS1’a last college lacrosse game. He is player # 2.


Sunday, day twenty seven..

Living the American dream. No it’s not an ice cream, or a book by Steven Colbert, it is the white picket fence, leave it to Beaver, Lassie saves the day type of day. Does it still exist? Did it ever? Here’s another question, completely unrelated. This question has gotten me some strange looks from my kids and spouse.  Let me set the stage, every day (hopefully) you use deodorant. Now and then, with some regularity, you will finish the deodorant and open a new one. Spray, solid, whatever. Here’s the question, when you run out of deodorant are done with both arms or do you run out between arms?  I told you it was a crazy question. My admission and the reason for the question, I always run out between arms. Drives me crazy. There is always a backup, but how come I don’t get an even number of uses? 

Back to the American dream. DW worked this am, she was on call at the hospital. She had two emergencies scheduled, one of them got cancelled. Look up the word emergency, then re-read this post (and yesterdays).  Baffles me. But, it pays the bills. We went food shopping for the week after she returned from work. DS1, DS2 and DS3 all went to work today. DS1 commuted from Allentown, PA to home then onto LBI for 8 am work. Goes to show he can do it if he wants to. His college girl friend is now living in Allentown. He was off from work Friday and Saturday and went to visit her. DS3 worked the shoe store in the morning and the bark and biscuit tonight. He said they have over 100 dogs at the bark and biscuit this weekend!  Wow, who would have thought there was that much business on a summer weekend. Maybe it is because of the heat and people not wanting to leave their animals unattended.

I worked on DS3’s college loan paperwork today. DS2 is done for the year. DS1, no word yet. He is scheduled (according to him) to return to Wheeling to finish out his degree. I hope so. We (his parents) have invested quite a bit of money and time to get him to this point. Weather wise, the heat was not nearly as bad as yesterday and Friday. We had an afternoon thunder shower that added to the watering that I did today. I could have used a memo about the upcoming shower and skipped the watering.

A footnote to our trip last weekend to NYC. I sent an email to Steve Huntington at Radio Margaritaville thanking him for introducing Pink Martini to us via RM. I gave him a few links to the ustream I did from the show. He emailed me today to thank me for the email and let me know that he would read it on the air Monday just after 2 pm. Wahoo… Famous (or something like that). Kinda neat. 

Bring the avid gardener, we have two Aero Gardens in the house. Do a google search. Basically, we grow lettuce hydroponically indoors. You can grow other things, we like the fresh lettuce that the Aero Gardens provide, especially during the non-outdoor growing season here in New Jersey.  I “planted” salad greens today. We will be harvesting lettuce in three weeks for salads and the crop should last for at least six to 8 weeks after the first harvest.  Want some lettuce for your sandwich, walk over, pinch off a few leaves and keep going. 

So, today’s picture is of the two Aero Gardens. In front of them is the pumpkin that I picked from the garden today. Is it October yet?  We have one more pumpkin in the garden, it is still green. This one was done growing and I was afraid it would start to rot.  Enjoy the picture! Oh, the other picture, whimsical for sure, balloon animals at the Shop Rite.







Saturday, day 26..

Some days, some days, you wake up firing on all cylinders, other days, you go back to bed. Today was a back to bed day for me. Up at 8 am to let DS3 in the house. He slept over at a friend’s house. Then, back to bed until 11 am. Damm, I felt like one of the “young adults” (I always hated that label when I was growing up), that live in our home. Getting up around lunch time.  One of my siblings asked about DS3 having his own house key. Hmmm, he probably should. Usually the house isn’t locked. I probably should not write that, but it is a fact of life here in our neighborhood. There really isn’t anything of monetary value to steal. I will have to re-think the whole concept, or not.

As you probably are tired of hearing, it was over 100 degrees here in NJ again. I’m ready for the extreme hot weather to subside. My children keep reminding me that I want to move to Florida, and isn’t it hot there as well? I say, look at the weather app on your phone( we are internet and smart phone people), it was ten degrees cooler in Florida and the Gulf Coast today. I spoke with my favorite coffee company, Orleans Coffee (google and order) yesterday. Bob said they have had rain off and on for the last week or so. I haven’t seen any rain is at least the same time frame.

Todays jobs, real simple. 1. Water the garden 2. Take a shower (important in this weather) 3. Pick vegetables from the garden 4. Go to COSTCO 5. Make dinner. Easy day. I even watched tv today during the day. I can count the number of days I watched tv before 7 pm during the year on one hand. Dinner was Bloody Mary Flank Steak from COSTCO. This is a winner in my world. Matched with potato salad, fresh mozzarella, cucumber and tomatoes from the garden. Worked great. Oh, and the especial of the day, fried green tomatoes. I knocked a few green tomatoes off the vine by accident today. DS3 (under my watchful eye) used seasoned flour, egg wash and panko to make the fried green tomatoes. DS2 thought they where potato pancakes and took three. He put them back after finding out there were tomatoes. You should have seen the disappointment on his face. I will need to make him potato pancakes before he heads back to school.

Other than that, not much else went on. DS3 went to work at the shoe store, DS2 worked at the deli. DS1 is away for the weekend visiting his college girl friend. He needs to be in town for work at 8 am Sunday. Should be interesting. DW and I were off. She is on call Sunday and they have two “emergencies” scheduled. Don’t ask how you can schedule an emergency. It’s time and a half, three-hour minimum. So, it helps pay the bills.

The picture of the day is of the current load of vegetables that we picked from the garden. Enjoy!

Friday, day 25..

Dude ( or as appropriate, Dudette) it was frigging hot here in NJ today. Today was a WFH (work from home) day for me. I had originally taken the day off, but my plans changed. So, instead of burning one of my limited days off, I worked from home.  I saw 104.8 on the home thermometer today. And this was not during the afternoon when the sun shines on that part of the house. We had the threat of a thunderstorm around 3 or 4 pm.  No rain, a few booms. From talking to people later in the day, it seems that the storm boomed pretty bad to the west of us and fizzled out when it got to the coast.

I took DS2 for his biannual shearing. His manager told him either a hair cut, or a beard net, his choice. I was due. I called the hair place, our usual lady was booked solid. I texted her ( we are friends outside of work), she fit us in. Maybe I tip too much, hmmm.  Dinner was at a local place with great 24 inch wagon wheel pizzas. A coupe of pitchers of Coors Lite and DS2 and DS3 and one of DS3’s friends. DS2 ordered the fried shrimp and lobster tail dinner. The lobster tail was inedible. As a 20 + year veteran of the seafood industry (earlier life) I told the waitress tha the tail smelled of ammonia (gone bad) and was not going to pay for the dinner. We did not.  Thankfully, DS2 realised that it was bad and did not eat it.  The manager came by and apologised. We have eaten here before, this is their worst miscue. They will get one more chance.

I ran into an old friend from the seafood industry days on the way out the door. I got a fifteen minute update on the seafood industry in South Jersey and Philadelphia. I am still glad I got out in 2002. Then trying to get out of the restaurant we ran into a couple of our high school lacrosse parents.  So, we stopped and talked some more. Some days it seems like you know everybody or nobody. Today it was everybody. It was good to stop and chat.

One of the games the kids play at dinner is to try to take your picture at the table with their phones without you knowing it. Then the text your picture to you.. So tonight’s picture was taken by DS2 while I was not looking.  Check out the new hair!  LOL

Thursday, day 24…

Hot, Hot Hot! That is the song for this week in the eastern USA.  Not a bad a day at work. I actually feel like I accomplished something. Some days you go to work and leave after your eight hours and say WTF did I do today? I’m sure there will be more of the wtf days in the near future.  Most (family members) worked today, some (DS3) worked two jobs. My musician (DS2) was off today. I think they have him working all weekend. He sent me a picture from the south jetty of the Barnegat Inlet facing the lighthouse. When asked why he was on LBI, he said composing music and climbing on rocks. Works for me.

Tonight we have outdoor lacrosse in Manalapan. I am bringing extra water and Gatorade. Hopefully we will get a few more players this week.  Question of the day, do you read your horoscope everyday? If so, how many do you read? On work days I read two, one on MSN the other comes in my email. usually they are way off. Ok, they almost always are way off. Today one of the horoscopes said in effect that someone would bait me into saying the wrong thing or taking something the wrong way. All day long, nice and quiet, end of the day, horoscope rears its ugly head. Forewarned is forearmed. I realised the situation and just shut up. Solved that problem.

Enough for today, I need to get changed and drive to lacrosse. The picture of the day is of DS2 the musician. He is the one with the beard, holding the trumpet, standing in the middle. This is from November 2010’s wind ensemble concert at Marywood University.  Enjoy!

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