Thursday, day three..

Then darkness set in, as I looked around… Nevermind, wrong screen. Today is a WFH day.  Work From Home, get it.  The battle of the morning was WFH or CIS (call or in our company – email, in sick) Why waste the day.  No sense in being sick with no plans, lol.  The other question is, why do we have a pirate flag flying from our front porch? It does contrast nicely with the flowers in the flower boxes, but…  I get the American flag, the Birthday flag, the lobster flag, the Mardi Gras flag.  Maybe the pirate flag is for the Fourth of July.  Maybe just for the heck of it. OC (oldest child) off at Viking Village Dock packing out boats, making boxes and shoveling ice. MC (middle child) playing WOW, he has the day off from Acme where he works in the deli. YC (you guess – right Youngest Child) is out dropping off an application for employment.  He is desperate to get out of the shoe store and work with animals.  Me, watering garden and working on tax change issues for retailers in Connecticut and Maryland.







Thursday evening… Work done, lobster ravioli from COSTCO for dinner. OC off to PHL for the night then Amtrak to Greensburg to visit college girlfriend for the weekend. MC ate with us. YC took girlfriend to Olive Garden for dinner. She leaves for three weeks in Europe (google:  American Musicians Abroad). Final piece of puzzle solved today. puzzle was to fix existing laptop or replace. Purchased hard drive and reloaded. Purchased new power cord and new battery. Now I am mobile again and computer is working great.  Sprayed for mosquitos outside this evening, writing on the back porch. So far, so good. Oh, last night, no tv. Read my current book John Sandford, Buried Prey. Drags a little, worth reading.  Maybe tv tonight, might start the new Tom Clancy book (COSTCO as well). Here is a picture of YC and the princess..

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. john davitt
    Jun 30, 2011 @ 16:29:21

    I’m liking the blog so far. OC sounds like he’s doing some good manual work. Nothing wrong with that !


    • Megan
      Jul 01, 2011 @ 09:58:14

      I’m liking the blog as well! Pirate flg is cool! I bought pirate gear for my work crew a few months ago and they went gaga over it! But, do they really get we need to get creative fixing the issues with the ERP changeover July 1…lead by example I guess. TV blows I get books on my kindle and am looking forward to a 3 day weekend (I hope)


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